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Binaya Upadhyay

Managing Director 





Maijubahal Chabahil,

Kathmandu, Nepal.

A Bit About Me

Binaya Upadhyay, a luminary in Nepal's business arena, extends his influence beyond profit margins through impactful philanthropy. His dedication to education, healthcare, and environmental conservation underscores a commitment to holistic societal development. As a businessman and philanthropist, Upadhyay's multifaceted contributions resonate as a beacon of positive change, fostering a legacy that transcends corporate success to create lasting societal impact.

Work Experience

Binisha Interiors Sewa,
Manging Director.

Sankalpa Shipping & logistics,

Silk Business Development,

Comfort Hospitality,

Safal Food,

Safal farm house and hospitality,

Lakshmi Hospitality,

Sakalya Pre-School (Franchises of Euro Kids India)​,

Herchar Dot Com Pvt Ltd,
Founder Director.

Next Gen Pvt Ltd,
Founder Director.

Binisha Interiors Sewa is a prominent interior decorating firm in Nepal, specializing in highly customized solutions to meet clients' specific needs. Renowned in the field, the company ensures timely project completion, adheres to professional standards, and maintains quality motifs. Operating within the realm of interior decoration, Binisha Interiors handles structural design, working and structural drawings, cost estimates, construction, supervision, monitoring, and overall project management. The firm operates its own factory, producing diverse furniture materials and supplying necessary resources for interior decorating projects.

Sankalpa Shipping & Logistics delivers your goods anywhere you need them on time. Offers a wide range of comprehensive and flexible logistics to respond to your requirements. This includes complete and socialized solutions for both imports and exports, for all types of cargo anywhere in the world.

Our Job is to save time, and money, and make your job easier by following your shipment from the time it is picked up until the final delivery. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service whether by air, sea, or land at the best price

Introducing Nepal's groundbreaking Kamal Pokhari Commercial Building, a metal-clad marvel set to redefine Kathmandu's skyline. 🇳🇵 This architectural gem blends innovation and functionality, boasting a sleek design and state-of-the-art facilities for a dynamic work environment.  Committed to sustainability, the metal structure ensures durability and energy efficiency, symbolizing progress and eco-consciousness.  Join us in celebrating this extraordinary achievement that reflects Nepal's embrace of cutting-edge technology and design. Stay tuned for updates on the epicenter of business and innovation in Kathmandu! 

Comfort Hospitality's latest venture, a boutique hotel in Pokhara, Nepal, promises an unparalleled blend of luxury and tranquility. Spearheaded by Chairman Binaya, this project reflects a commitment to exceptional hospitality. Nestled against Pokhara's scenic backdrop, the hotel aims to redefine comfort with thoughtfully designed interiors and personalized services. Anticipate a haven where every detail is crafted for an exquisite stay, making it an ideal retreat for discerning travelers seeking a memorable and immersive experience.

Safal Food, under the leadership of Chairman Binaya Upadhyay, is your gateway to an exotic culinary experience. Specializing in the importation of frozen delicacies from Vietnam, Thailand, and India, we bring a diverse array of flavors to your table. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product maintains its authenticity and freshness, allowing you to savor the rich tastes of these culinary traditions. Explore the world of Safal Food, where Chairman Binaya Upadhyay's vision transforms every meal into a delightful journey of international gastronomy.

Embark on a new era of entertainment with Safal Farmhouse and Hospitality, a visionary project by Chairman Binaya Upadhyay. Located in Kaushaltar, Bhaktapur, our upcoming party palace promises to be a premier destination for celebrations. Immerse yourself in a blend of modern luxury and traditional charm, meticulously curated for unforgettable events. With Chairman Binaya Upadhyay at the helm, Safal Farmhouse and Hospitality is set to redefine the standards of entertainment and hospitality in the heart of Bhaktapur. Stay tuned for an unparalleled experience!

Lakshmi Hospitality, under the guidance of Chairman Binaya Upadhyay, is currently crafting a resort oasis in Bardia, nestled near the southern border of the far north-west corner of Nepal. This ongoing project envisions a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, offering a serene escape in the heart of Bardia's picturesque landscape. Stay tuned for an immersive resort experience that reflects Chairman Binaya Upadhyay's commitment to redefining hospitality in this enchanting region.

Sakalya Pre-School is the franchise of Euro Kids India which focuses on interactive learning. This pre-school works in guiding each child
to explore, acquire skills, and instill in them the joy of learning. It is located at Chhauni, Kathmandu with a friendly and playful
environment. Parents have seen a very positive change in their kids after joining them in this pre-school.

Herchar Dot Com Pvt Ltd is a company which is established to give solutions to those small issues that comes at our home, office or
any other places. The service area of Herchar is quite huge which ranges from plumbing, sanitary, painting, repairing, and maintaining.
Its service area is huge which is why the company has been able to take a huge leap within a short span of time.

NexGen Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an assets management company which consults on loan processing, recovery management,
policy development, take over management, to various corporate institutions. This company is promoted by banking, insurance,
business and management professionals. It provides solution to each of the problem that arises in your business.

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